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About Us

Since I am a Veterinary Technician in an area where there are a lot of breeders, our goal is to help “Puppy Mill” puppies. We get them spay/neutered and vetted so they do not end up at the auctions where they are sold and used for breeding in another mill. We also want to prevent them from ending up in a pet store or flea market where they are not vetted properly and purchasers are not screened.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Veterinary Technician?
A Veterinary Technician is someone who has gone through an accredited course and is licensed by the State to work in the Veterinary field.  Veterinarians hire Vet Techs to assist with physical exams, surgery, do x-rays, draw blood and other samples for testing, dispense medication, and many other tasks that can free the Doctor to see more patients
What does your adoption fee cover?
Our adoption fee covers spay and neutering, routine medical care, bringing them up to date on their puppy shots, food and all the customary things you would associate with the care of a puppy (toys, bedding, shampoos, brushes, treats, etc.). Part of the fee also covers the cost to maintain our shelter and reimburse administrative costs like gasoline for our car, phone bills, office supplies, etc.
Do you guarantee your puppies?
We do refund all of your money if your Vet determines that an issue should have been detected during our care.
Do you pay for puppies?
Sometimes there is no choice but to pay. The breeders can sell them at an auction where they can be used for breeding. Since we are not a 501c3, we are just a plain rescue that wants to get these puppies vetted, spay/neutered and into loving homes.