Hi, my name is Joseph Feldman, I am a Veterinary Technician in an area where there are a lot of breeders, our goal is to help “Puppy Mill” puppies end up in the right hands.  They get spay/neutered and vetted so they do not end up at the auctions where they are sold like livestock and used for breeding in another mill. We want to end that cycle.  We also want to prevent them from ending up in a pet store or flea market where purchasers are not screened.  The pet stores are starting to be regulated but the flea markets are not licensed and the puppies are not usually vetted properly.  I also wanted to have a place where people could get a dog that was healthy and they could feel safe from some of the scams that are out there, asking for money up front without seeing the puppy.

My wife and I have been working with dogs for close to twenty years. We started off pulling dogs from kill shelters and helping transport for other rescues.  After a while we noticed that there were a lot of puppies on the farms in the area.  We asked how they found them homes and found out that there were groups coming to get the puppies, usually paying $10 to $20.  They said they were going to handicap kids in the city.  Some of the breeds they were getting would not be good for that and when we checked in to it, they were going to the dog fighting groups.  Buying the puppies was not illegal and the farmers had no idea what was going on.  So, on the advice from law enforcement, we started getting the puppies and finding homes for them.

Over the years we got to work with some great Veterinarians that were very willing to teach us what we needed to know, getting the puppies healthy.  In 2013, I decided to go back to school and get certified as Veterinary Technician.  Part of the program included an internship.  It was there that I learned more about the breeding side, and some of the challenges caring for designer puppies.

I also want to share as much information as I can, to help people have a long, happy and healthy life with their furry family member.  We prefer a holistic approach to caring for our furry friends, although we also appreciate western medicine when needed to take care of situations that arise.  So, check back on a regular basis to see new articles about different breeds, training tips and healthy living topics.